Chamomile Flower Toner: I absolutely love this toner. It removes any last traces of dirt and dead skin after cleansing my face. Definitely a must-have addition to my skincare routine. (Nicole J. - Jacksonville, FL).


Toners remove excess oils and sweat while keeping skin clear and firm. Use up to 3x a week or as needed. Keep eyes and mouth closed while spraying cheek bones gently or use directly onto a cotton swab and wipe skin upwards, (nose creases and chin area can benefit from this product). Some Ingredients; plant-derived oils, natural extracts, lavender water, rose water, chamomile water, aloe water, filtered water, hamamelis water, vegetable glycerin. Size 2oz, glass bottle. Complimentary 1oz Honey Marigold Face Bar will accompany this product.

Toner Spritzer

  • Toners with infused floral waters to calm skin, minimize pores, balance Ph level, reduce redness, condition and protect skin from outside elements. Complimentary cotton swabs + 1oz Honey Marigold Soap.