Indulge: Taking 30 minutes during the week to soak in a warm bath with relaxing essentials can help balance our mind, calm irritated skin, increase energy, produce activity, improve circulation, decrease congestion, purify skin, encourage a good night's sleep and relieve sore muscles. All these benefits are good for the soul. Just imagine all that love in one jar. Ingredients; himalayan sea salt, coarse sea salt, medium sea salt, fine sea salt, epsom salt, 100% essential oils, jojoba, fractionated coconut oil and safflower oil. Only clean oils, no artificial or synthetic fragrances that other competitors use that can irritate our skin and bodies. Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Use a TBSP after your warm water is completed done runnning and turned off. Adding a bath soak to running water too soon can only make the bathroom smell nice and not add any benefits to your mental or physical well-being. Use caution when exiting tub due to infused oils that are used to hydrate and nourish skin. Keep away from moisture. Secure jar when not in use. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Parental Discretion. Complimentary wooden spoon.

Soul Soaking

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  • Water is medicine to the soul as bath crystals are food to the body. Imagine the stresses we carry in our bodies and how it spills over into our mood and disrupts our lives. Let's get into some real self-care soul soaking. Complimentary wooden spoon.