I absolutely love her soaps, they feel and smell so good. No harsh ingredients and quite adorable I may add. (Michelle K. - Cleveland, OH).


Our body soaps are made up of clean ingredients to moisturize, soothe, cleanse and promote healthy skin using coconut oil, safflower oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, sorbitan oleate, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol, oat protein, goat milk for sensitive skin, shea butter to moisturize skin, buttermilk to hydrate and oatmeal to calm itchy skin. Infused with vegetable oils and butters. Alcohol, Paraben, Phthalate, Sulfate and Cruelty-Free. Infused with natural extracts, pure fragrance and essential oils. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. External use only. Parental Supervision is Advised. NOT for (personal/sensitive) areas. Ages 5 and up.


Adorable Body Bars

  • Give your little tots and teens a spa day with creative soaps to clean and they will forever enjoy tub and shower time.