Healthy feet are Happy feet infused with cranberry, sweet orange, green tea and pomegranate. This product comes in a 3 piece set... Welcoming Foot Soak, Exfoliating Foot Scrub and Complimentary Foot Soap with (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oils of lemon, ginger and tea tree). Whether you are sitting, walking, standing or even dancing for long periods of time, it's majorly important to take care of your soles. We cannot ignore the pain, dryness, burning or soreness any longer. Take a moment during the week and soak, scrub and enjoy the invigorating soap. Our foot care is a 2-step process and 3-step if you would like a bonus! Pure love poured directly into a jar. Foot Soak Ingredients: vitamin e, jojoba, vegetable glycerin, dead sea salt and epsom salt. Foot Scrub Ingredients: avocado oil, aloe vera, grape seed, castor oil, shea butter, fine sugar, brown sugar, organic coffee, kaolin clay, fine pumice. Foot Soap can be used anytime as a touch-up. Ingredients: cocoa butter, hemp seed and organic coffee.

Berry Pomegranate

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  • Foot Soak, every pedicure should include a foot soak to loosen dry skin cells prior to moving to the next process of exfoliation. 1) Use a couple scoops of sea salt and soak up to 20 mins in warm water. 2) pat dry gently 3) apply foot scrub in a circulation motion with loofah to exfoliate, soothe, reduce inflammation and restore. 4) rinse well and towel dry. For lower extremities only. Not to be used in standing shower. Not intended for fall-risk individuals, small children or seniors without supervision due to natural oils. Slippery suface caution. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. External use only. Complimentary loofah + wooden spoon.

  • We would like to build your trust and confidence in our brand and will be happy to speak with you to further assist. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns due to natural food ingredients and extracts being exposed in our lab during the manufacturing process; once received by the customer, we have no way of knowing if the product was interrupted with any foreign items, however we welcome all your concerns via email at Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Please know we are dedicated to our customers first. If you have any problems with this product such as skin irritations, discontinue immediately. Thank you again for supporting our small handmade skincare business.